Why GrowPro?

In today’s fast paced world, the idea of growing your own food might seem like a daunting task. Moreover, Real Estate in urban settings is so expensive that every inch of space is carefully considered. However with the advancement of technology and innovative agricultural practices such as Hydroponics, this concept is not only feasible but also highly advantageous. At GrowPro Technology, we are passionate about revolutionizing the way people think about food production and consumption. We fabricate, install and offer services to enable our customers grow their own food in any sort of space for self consumption or commercial purpose. This enables one to take control of their food source and embrace sustainability.

What We do:

  1. Hydroponic System Fabrication and Installation:

We offer a comprehensive range of Hydroponic Growers tailored to suit various needs, whether it’s setting up a small scale kitchen garden on your balcony or mounted on your dead wall or setting up a large commercial farm on a parcel of land or large terrace. From the entire equipment to the germinated plants, nutrients we supply it all. Moreover our qualified technicians also visit our client’s premises and install the hydroponic systems and offer comprehensive training on how to maintain the GrowPro Growers.

  1. Consultation and Maintenance Services:

Our team of experts is dedicated to guiding you through every step of the plant growth from a baby sapling to the time of harvest. We typically visit our client’s premises once a month to ensure success of their hydroponic farm.

  1. Rooftop Farming and Fresh Produce Supply:

As advocates for sustainable agriculture, we practice what we preach. Our rooftop farm in the heart of Mumbai serves as a testament to the possibilities of urban farming. We grow a variety of fresh, pesticide-free leafy vegetables, herbs, microgreens, salads greens and supply to modern trade retail outlets, restaurants, and end consumers.

Advantages of Hydroponics:

  1. Space Efficiency:

One of the major advantages of Hydroponic farming is its space efficiency. Conventional soil based farming requires a lot of land which are scare in urban settings. With Hydroponics we can grow vertically growing more than 10 times per square feet compared to conventional farming. Whether it is a balcony, terrace, dead wall, or indoor setting hydroponics allows us to grow anywhere!

  1. Enhanced Crop Quality:

80% of the pests reside in the soil and our Hydroponic Growers grow veggies without soil, reducing 80% chance of pest attacks. Hence no chemical harmful pesticides need to be sprayed on the crops making them completely residue free and clean.

Since the vegetables are consumed minutes after harvest their nutritional value are at its highest. We also feed the plants with exactly the nutrients they require in the exact proportion making the crops a lot more nutritious.

  1. Minimal Maintenance:

Unlike traditional farming, where constant watering and soil management are necessary, our hydroponic systems offer a hassle-free solution where the watering happens on an automated basis.

  1. Sustainable Farming:

Our Hydroponic Growers recycle water 100% saving upto 90% water compared to conventional farming.

Since we grow without soil, our farming practices also do not contaminate the soil and water table with harmful chemicals.     

Growing food close to/at the point of consumption also reduces carbon footprint.

Take Control of Your Food:

As the population grows and urban spaces expand, the demand for food increases while farmable land diminishes. It’s crucial to optimize our farming practices to meet these challenges. In a world where food security and sustainability are becoming increasingly important, hydroponics offers a viable solution to take control of your food sources. By embracing our Hydroponic Systems it not only contributes to environmental conservation but also one enjoys the satisfaction of growing their own fresh, pesticide-free food. Whether you are a home gardener, restaurant owner or a farmer, GrowPro is here to support you on your journey towards sustainable farming. Join us in reimagining the future of food and empower yourself to make a positive impact on our planet.