Make Farming possible anywhere!

Multiple factors need to align in order to make farming on soil possible. We require fertile soil, an abundance of water, correct climatic conditions (temperature, humidity, sun intensity), sufficient space, protection from pests, rodents, birds, and substantial manpower. At GrowPro, we control all these factors to make farming feasible practically anywhere—whether inside homes, offices, terraces, restaurants, etc. Moreover, we can even grow vegetables in a desert-like land such as Rajasthan where the soil is infertile, or in places like Canada where the ambient temperature is -30 degrees Celsius, or even during the summer months in Dubai at 50 degrees Celsius. Our hydroponic systems and solutions manage all the necessary factors for growing vegetables, providing the plants with precisely the optimal conditions required to produce healthy and nutritious outputs.

How We Control These Factors

  1. Soil Fertility:

Plants require 16 essential elements to grow, namely nitrogen, potassium, phosphorus, calcium, magnesium, oxygen, carbon, etc. Each plant type requires these elements in different proportions to grow into healthy, nutritious plants. The nutrient needs for lettuce are very different from those of tomatoes. Additionally, during a crop’s lifecycle, the requirements for these elements continually change. For example, tomatoes require more nitrogen during their vegetative stage and more potassium during their fruiting stage. In soil-based farming, it is almost impossible to precisely control the availability of each of these elements to the plants.

However, since we grow without soil in our GrowPro Hydroponic Growers, we add exactly the nutrients the plants require in the water, in the correct proportions. We can also adjust the pH level by adding bases or acids based on the plants’ needs.

  1. Water:

Different plants have varying water requirements. As water is a limited resource, it is crucial to use it frugally. In conventional soil cultivation, 90% of the water either drains out or evaporates.

At GrowPro, our automated irrigation units supply plants with precisely the amount of water they require. Moreover, we recycle 100% of the water, saving 90% compared to conventional farming.

  1. Climatic Conditions:

The optimal temperature, humidity, and sun intensity required to grow strawberries differ significantly from those needed for spinach.

At GrowPro, we can control all these factors and provide the plants with the exact conditions they require. This is achieved either by growing them in a temperature-controlled greenhouse or indoors in a climate-controlled room. In a greenhouse, humidity can be adjusted by adding cooling pads or foggers, while in an indoor facility, a humidifier can be installed. Sun intensity can also be regulated using shade nets or by installing grow lights.

  1. Space:

Optimal spacing between crops is crucial for achieving maximum growth potential.

At GrowPro, we set up vertical farms which allow us to maximize yield per square foot.

  1. Pests:

Approximately 80% of pests reside in the soil. In conventional soil farming, plants are vulnerable to many pests (airborne or soil-based). Often, the only way to control these pests is by spraying harmful chemical pesticides, which are extremely detrimental to humans.

At GrowPro, we grow without soil, eliminating 80% of the chance of pest attacks. Moreover, we also grow in protected spaces like greenhouses or indoors, further reducing the risk of infection by airborne pests. We also use natural repellents like neem oil to deter airborne pests.

Soil fertility is depleting, droughts are becoming increasingly common, global warming is altering our climate, and cities are expanding. The answer to all of these challenges is hydroponic farming! By controlling each and every factor required to grow plants, we make growing possible anywhere, at any time.